July 5 2013

Views over the City 4 by Ian Davidson

This is the fourth podcast in the series “Views over the City”.  This podcast covers pay and reward issues on a global basis.  This podcast includes:

· Banking remuneration - Comments on the UK banking standards report

· Executive Pay – discussion on the MM&K survey on Executive Pay

· Strong Analytics – using and presenting reward data

· Peter Cook, Author and innovation guru is interviewed

o His free Punk Rock book is available from http://www.academy-of-rock.co.uk/punk-rock-hr

o Find out more about the polymath Peter Cook at http://www.academy-of-rock.co.uk

· Middle East reward – see also http://compensationinsider.com

For further details on many of these themes please see my influential reward blog at http://iandavidson.me

I tweet at @ianandmj

Ian Davidson is a commercially astute, passionate, MBA qualified Compensation & Benefits specialist and leader with a sustained record of success within financial services over 15 years. Highly influential and nationally recognised as an expert in reward, with an impressive level of commitment and consistently translating strategic vision into effective commercial solutions.  Demonstrating a proven ability to generate stakeholder management, engagement and support for change initiatives.  Now seeking a challenging role within a progressive organisation

October 18 2012

Views over the City 3 by Ian Davidson

June 24 2012

Views over the City by Ian Davidson

March 23 2012

Views over the City by Ian Davidson

This podcast is a special edition of “Views over the City” discussing the UK Government consultation on Executive pay disclosure. Produced and presented by Ian Davidson


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